Saturday, 8 October 2016

Bespoke Womenswear: 3-Piece Bridal Suit, White Silk Jacquard Jacket with Lightweight Wool Gaberdine Waistcoat & Trousers, 2016


  1. david ,can i ask you a qurstion?i want to bespoke a vicuna double breasted long men coat,i want to go to sexton,but i do not know about his housestyle very well ,i like hedislmanes of ysl and tomfords cutstyle,super slim fit can be called skinny and a strong structured shoulder,high narrow waist small armhole,i also like design style of paulsmith“classics with a twist”bth i am crazy about yuppie look and Neutral beauty,the neutral style that mix The feminine beauty of a lady's overcoat togther like smoking jacket of ysl,i think youhave worked with sexton and know his house style well,does sextons house style fit me very well?what do you think about it?Do you have any suggestions?i am very thin ,men ,180cm55kg ,looking forward to your reply many thanks

    1. i forget to say i am a man david

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